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3. ledna 2009 v 0:13
Some models of HP Notebook PCs are equiped with an integrated WebCam. The WebCam can be used for capturing pictures, capturing video or communicating with video across the Internet. This article provides information on how to determine if your WebCam is functioning properly and it provides basic information on how to use your WebCam.

Zobrazit obsah How do I determine if my integrated WebCam is functioning correctly?

If your HP Notebook PC has an integrated WebCam, the best way to test it is using with HP Quick Play. Use the following steps to test your WebCam or click here to automatically test the HP Integrated WebCam.
  1. Click on START then All Programs.Click here to launch HP QuickPlay.
  2. Click on QuickPlay
  3. After QuickPlay launches, select the QuickPlay Video icon QuickPlay Video icon
  4. Select "No" if asked to update the QuickPlay library.
  5. Select HP PC-CAM or HP WebCam from the Source list.
If the WebCam is functioning properly you will see a video of yourself in QuickPlay.

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